Why you choose VMX?

Transform your business model with a hyperconverged infrastructure
that lowers operational costs and improves your business ROI.

Leverage 100% software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure to provide a single cloud platform that brings your hybrid multicloud strategy to life seamlessly.

Support all workloads across private and public clouds, and hypervisors. Avoid vendor lock in with workload portability across clouds and a unified cloud management panel.

Deploy, run, and scale all your apps on a single platform with on-prem performance, control, and security. Enable faster development and roll out new capabilities quickly and easily.

Make a smart switch from the tedious manual migration process and automate the entire migration process with Web Werks VMX.

Industries of Choice

Financial Cloud

FinServ is an industry that expects faster services with high security that is personalized for every individual and is seamless across devices.

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Government Complied Cloud

We understand that government institutions have a strict budget to stick to. Web Werks simplifies your resource allocative decisions by providing a straightforward transition.

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Healthcare Cloud

Simplify your healthcare workflows - organize and automate patient data sharing with dedicated cloud systems for your facility.

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Media & Entertainment Cloud

Media and Entertainment rely on content that embodies quality, relatability, and engagement.

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Retail Cloud

Cater to the modern consumer with state-of-the-art datacenters that enable and streamline omnichannel retail management.

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Smart Manufacturing Cloud

Give your manufacturing business the versatility and agility it needs to survive in a world riddled with trade challenges.

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Save time. Save money.

When issues can cost millions, don't put your business at risk. From more uptime to more free time, the VMX Operations Cloud delivers clear value for any organization. When issues can cost millions, don’t put your business at risk.

  • 70%

    Faster time to resolve

  • 795%

    Return on investment

  • 2-month


  • 1B

    People used


“In the dynamic world of market networks, agility is key. Thanks to Web Werks VMX, we've found a cloud solution that's as flexible and robust as we need it to be. Their team ensures we're always ahead of the curve. Kudos to Web Werks VMX for their unwavering support!”
Future Market Networks IT / ITeS

“In the domain of technology, a reliable cloud service is comparable to a superpower. We have unlocked new potentials and scaled new heights with Web Werks VMX. Their team is unparalleled, and their service is impeccable. "Cheers to Web Werks VMX for fueling our hopes and desires!”

Fliksoft IT / ITeS

“In the logistics industry, every second is crucial. Web Werks VMX has ensured that our operations operate without interruptions. Their cloud solutions are the breath beneath our wings, enabling us to consistently deliver excellence. Congratulations to the Web Werks crew!”

Fairfreight Lines Private Limited Manufacturing & Retail & Logistics

“A large-scale logistics operation requires a large-scale cloud solution. Web Werks VMX has been that for us, and more. Their cloud infrastructure has been the backbone of our operations, assuring smooth sailing even during times of turmoil. Congratulations to Web Werks VMX for their outstanding service!”

Gateway Distriparks Limited Manufacturing & Retail & Logistics
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