Smart Manufacturing Cloud

Power Your Production and Manufacturing with Intelligent, Integrated IT

Give your manufacturing business the versatility and agility it needs to survive in a world riddled with trade challenges. Web Werks VMX helps you consolidate your manufacturing processes to run on smart IT systems that are resilient enough to navigate the uncertainty inherent in the contemporary trade world. Invest in Smart Manufacturing with Web Werks VMX for digitally augmented intelligent manufacturing practices and protocols that guide your business through a collaborative, integrated approach to production and manufacturing.

Customize and Simplify Your Cloud

  • scalable & Highly-secure DR
  • Web Werks VMX simplifies the process of migrating your traditional manufacturing processes and data seamlessly onto its hyperconverged cloud infrastructure.

    The customizable configuration allows you to transition from legacy manufacturing to a turbocharged digitalized ecosystem without much downtime or complexities at your own pace.

    Or utilize your existing vetted IT landscape to run your heavy-spec applications over Web Werks VMXs’ customizable cloud architecture and manage them through a condensed, simplified, function-focused UI.

Prioritize Manufacturing Workloads

  • The manufacturing arm of a business needs to run on accuracy in data, precision in application, and achievement of economies of scale by incorporating processes and workflows that enhance throughput and efficiencies.

    Web Werks VMX offers a comprehensive, consolidated, and unified platform, giving you a 360° view of your manufacturing unit. Manage your resources through a singular interface that encompasses security, server and data management, automation, and virtualized work environments with simplified UI.

    Web Werks VMX helps you prioritize crucial manufacturing workloads with zero-compromise attributes on its smart manufacturing platform to ensure system availability and scalability as per demand.

    Easily pinpoint pain points with increased visibility into manufacturing roadblocks, inventory status, important KPIs, and machinery health in a single-pane view on an interactive, customizable dashboard.

  • scalable & Highly-secure DR

Accelerate Your Manufacturing

  • scalable and Highly-secure DR
  • Web Werks VMX helps you migrate your operational data onto public, private, or hybrid clouds, incorporating high data accessibility with added insights to inform prompt decision-making.

    The high-visibility hyperconverged infrastructure keeps you in control of crucial operations to best orchestrate production volume in synchronization with the demand-supply balance.

    Connect your manufacturing Edge operations to Web Werks VMX Cloud Platform to derive the full-spectrum benefit of lightning-fast network response and nonexistent latencies.

The Web Werks VMX Advantage

Web Werks VMX helps your manufacturing arm become highly resilient and smart by offering an efficient IT infrastructure over the cloud.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Hybrid Clouds

    Operate pliably with a combination of public and private clouds to offer a solution that is truly agile and challenge-ready. Manage all your applications through a single digital touchpoint and eliminate the complexities.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Smart Manufacturing

    Reduce the time-to-market of your throughput through remotely managed, demand-resilient systems on Web Werks VMX DaaS.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Smart Datacenters

    Ensure uptime all the time with efficiently managed datacenters equipped with Machine Learning, ensuring uninterrupted server uptimes and elimination of network latencies.

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Fulfill all your modern IT infrastructure requirements with Web Werks VMX Enterprise Cloud solutions. We are among the leading providers of data center services in the world, with innovation and security at the core of all operations that help you transform your business.

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