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Web Werks VMX Public Cloud

Scale on public cloud, with no stress of IT infrastructure investments

Web Werks VMX gives you the freedom to manage private and public cloud infrastructure operated and thoroughly managed as a single cloud with perfection and ease. Coupled with next generation network and storage infrastructure, servers and cutting-edge tech vendors, we make your computing power smart and advance in the cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure Reimagined with Hybrid Cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • We provide a future-focused IT infrastructure powered by next-gen technology and servers that are enabled by high-tech vendors. We make your computing power smart and advanced in the cloud. Public Cloud as a Service at Web Werks VMX brings high functionality to your business with the added advantage of:

    • Application-based approach

      Improving business agility with an application-based approach

    • quick deployment

      Quick Deployment

    • lower cost

      Lower costs - no need to purchase hardware or software

    • managed services

      Managed services by expert professionals

    • Unlimited scalability

      Unlimited scalability with on-demand resources to meet your business needs

    • protect business-critical data

      Built-in security tools to help protect business-critical data

Accelerate Your Business with an Agile Cloud Ecosystem

  • Web Werks VMX simplifies the deployment and management of your hybrid cloud to let you efficiently migrate your data and apps across the system.

    We help you extract maximum value from futuristic infrastructure while keeping things easy and comprehensively condensed on a single interface. Inform your business with the power of technology-driven hybrid strategies that are device-agnostic and intelligent.

    • Experience unified application mobility

    • Minimized complexity with built-in integration into hybrid cloud networking

    • Get high visibility of your hybrid cloud driving cost optimization

    • One-click self-service across the hybrid cloud

    • DaaS and DRaaS at your fingertips

  • agile cloud

Simplified Hybrid Cloud

  • simplified hybrid cloud
  • Web Werks VMX simplifies your Hybrid cloud with automation of infrastructure operations and application delivery, giving you better control over your assets. By unifying all your app management tools onto a single plane, we help you increase application mobility across your hybrid system. We help you remove roadblocks by eliminating siloed cloud environments.

    • super fast deployment

      Hassle-free and super-fast deployment

    • high scalability

      High scalability and no downtimes

    • Real-time alerts

      Real-time alerts

Seamless App Mobility Without Retooling or Rework

  • Web Werks VMX lets you utilize the same software platform to manage your public clouds (like AWS) and private clouds. Deliver apps from both resources at the same speed without the need for new tools or codes. Extend, migrate, or burst applications from one cloud to another across your hybrid systems with Web Werks VMX.

    • Simplified IT operations and reduced operational expenses

    • Minimize cloud spending

    • More scalability with automation

    • Experience the modern DevOps culture

  • Seamless App Mobility

True Unification with a Single Skillset for All Operations

  • Skillset
  • Web Werks VMX empowers you to manage all your hybrid cloud operations across all clouds using a single set of SOPs and practices. No need to update or modify third-party integrations for each cloud. Establish standardized, universal code and practices to follow across your hybrid ecosystem to help you streamline operations and troubleshooting centrally and with the same set of tools and skills.

    • save time, effort

      Save time and effort

    • no re-skilling, retooling

      No re-skilling or retooling needed

    • single sops works for every cloud

      A single set of SOPs works for every cloud

Freedom and Flexibility

Vendor lock-ins are history with hybrid cloud setups that allow seamless osmosis of assets and software between clouds.

Generate an optimized service consumption curve that is proportionately distributed among your private and public IT environments and helps you plan the long-term hybrid cloud strategies with better resource allocation and optimization.

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