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Web Werks VMX Cloud for Adaptive, Resilient Financial Cloud

FinServ is an industry that expects faster services with high security that is personalized for every individual and is seamless across devices. Legacy IT infrastructure runs on obsolete protocols that don’t hold well against modernized, smart cyberattacks. Reinvent your business’ IT model by renovating your security and efficiency in line with the latest standards and benchmarks. With Web Werks VMX Cloud Platform, establish secure, fortified datacenters that behave like the cloud and deliver high performance on demand.

Reinvent Your Business

  • scalable & Highly-secure DR
  • Web Werks VMX modernizes your IT landscape, starting with eliminating the conventional 3-tier structure of IT, instead incorporating a homogenized state-of-the-art implement that combines computing, storage, virtualization, and Network into one thriving entity.

    Reduce your reliance on disparate serving systems while ensuring automated workload management across all mission-critical applications. We empower your organization to drive innovation from the core operations right up to the surface.


  • Web Werks VMX equips you with agile clouds that respond well to the high volatility of the market, enabling you to mobilize or freeze your resources and digital assets at the click of button, as demands allow.

    Exercise full control over your virtual environment with full-spectrum data management, authorized-only access, and a secure network. Phase your resource deployment in suitable response to market demands, switching to better cloud-hardware-software configurations as needs command.

  • scalable & Highly-secure DR

Digitalize, Modernize, Mobilize

  • scalable and Highly-secure DR
  • Web Werks VMX gives you absolute control over your cloud ecosystem through a single control panel that is consolidated and intuitive to use. You can focus on applications across Multi-cloud and manage on one-click.

    Mobilize your cloud-based assets in record time and run your business operations with agility, resilience, and demand-flexible setups through a dashboard that is ML-powered and adaptive.

The Web Werks VMX Advantage

With Web Werks VMX, give your FinServ business the necessary robustness it needs to deliver secure, speedy, efficient, and personalized services to consumers.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Reducing Time-to-Market

    We accelerate your digital transformation to mere hours, speeding you towards the digital market.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Security-Focused Architecture

    We run a robust cloud infrastructure with quick failovers, inbuilt compliance monitoring, and multilayer security.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Agility and Resilience

    Web Werks provides custom-created cloud configuration with the latest datacenter and HCI technologies.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Elimate Complexity

    Experience the Web Werks efficiency through consolidation of systems that use fewer resources.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Operational Simplicity

    Leverage easy system administration capabilities to free up manpower.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Highly Productive Workforce

    Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and End-User Computing capabilities enable quicker task execution with fewer latencies.

  • de-silo-system
    De-Silo Your Systems

    Eliminate data silos and integrate your systems onto a linear-scaling one-click platform. Become Future Ready to leverage the next generation of apllications such as those emerging around block-chain, payments, fintech and insurtech.

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Fulfill all your modern IT infrastructure requirements with Web Werks VMX Enterprise Cloud solutions. We are among the leading providers of data center services in the world, with innovation and security at the core of all operations that help you transform your business.

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