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Make Your Healthcare Facility Cloud-Native

Simplify your healthcare workflows – organize and automate patient data sharing with dedicated cloud systems for your facility. Move your facility to a cloud-native environment and witness drastic improvements in patient outcomes and staff productivity. Web Werks VMX helps you streamline the operations of your healthcare facility by creating seamless data flows between systems and points of access. Ready your organization for remote care capabilities with Web Werks.

Modernized Infra for your IT Workloads

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  • We are aware that your healthcare organization deals with a heavy influx of data in the form of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Web Werks VMX helps you set up efficient workload distribution and management of data using cloud-first solutions that are high-performance, user-friendly, resilient, and speedy.

    Our intelligent systems help your healthcare professionals derive more value from the investment with greater uptime and minimal latencies.

    Over Web Werks VMX Enterprise Cloud, your healthcare facility can scale and perform within highly predictable and favorable cost brackets, even for workloads that require high computing power.

Streamlining Data Deployments

  • We help you improve your patient outcomes by facilitating seamless, efficient delivery of EHR and EMR over our cloud network across all points of access within or outside your facility. Equip your institution for remote care with a resilient, responsive system that fetches records at the click of a button.

    House your patient data over applications powered by superior computing engines, enabling lightning-fast mobilization and data access, even in the case of emergencies or higher workloads. Web Werks VMX delivers uncompromised efficiency in application performance, data retrieval, and analytics at the point-of-care to help boost caregiver efficacy and productivity.

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Private and Secure

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  • Web Werks provides you with a cloud network that runs on stringent data security protocols. We are aware of the sensitivity of patients’ data.

    Our cloud computing systems de-duplicate the data and process it according to all the healthcare compliance regulations (HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, HITECH) prescribed for the region your facility operates in.

The Web Werks VMX Advantage

Incorporate resilience and speed of response in your healthcare facility with Web Werks VMX Enterprise Cloud. We provide your institution with modernized, contemporary computing power at scale and within cost brackets.

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    Transform Healthcare Trifold

    AI-powered engines unify your digital systems to deliver data-backed insights that help you better inform your business, operations, and caregiving decisions. Seamlessly integrate all your databases to Web Werks VMX, enabling critical data availability at the point-of-care.

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    Agility and Resilience of Clouds

    Incorporate the scalability and omnipotence of cloud IT into your facility’s regimen. Adapt to the evolving landscape with agility and readiness for the future with Web Werks’ cloud platform.

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    Better Security

    Secure patient data on our cloud in accordance with the latest compliance mandates and security protocols.

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    Engage Better

    Significantly enhance caregiver efficacy backed with insightful, accessible, actionable data across all devices and systems. Deliver accurate, instant information to healthcare subjects over a variety of channels, devices, and locations. Add value to your healthcare consumerism.

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Fulfill all your modern IT infrastructure requirements with Web Werks VMX Enterprise Cloud solutions. We are among the leading providers of data center services in the world, with innovation and security at the core of all operations that help you transform your business.

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