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Modernize Your IT Landscape in Budget with Hyperconverged, New-Age Tech

We understand that government institutions have a strict budget to stick to. Web Werks simplifies your resource allocative decisions by providing a straightforward transition of your legacy IT into modernized infrastructure - all within your approved budgets. Renovate your IT with state-of-the-art, hyperconverged tech and reduce your operational and capital expenditures by reindustrializing your information technologies with Web Werks.

Digitalization of Services

  • digitalization
  • The modern citizen expects the government to provide digital avenues of self-service wherever possible.

    With Web Werks, you can scale your service app deployment over the cloud or on-premises within your economical boundaries, providing an uninterrupted digital experience to your citizens as needed.

    Online services like conversational AI solutions, digital service portals, and application management can be mobilized and deployed faster than conventional computing timelines with Web Werks’ clouds.

Transformation to Modernity

  • Government IT systems compromise the speed and efficiency of operations by running on legacy IT systems.

    Web Werks helps with the modernization of IT services and infrastructure, translating directly into optimized operations costs in addition to augmented speed and streamlined operations.

    Our out-of-the-box cloud implementation makes it seamlessly simple to migrate your data from traditional hardware onto a modernized ecosystem of IT services management within your budget.

  • scalable & Highly-secure DR

Reinforcing Cybersecurity

  • scalable and Highly-secure DR
  • Legacy IT systems are fraught with loopholes and vulnerabilities that leave the institution’s data open to breaches, theft, phishing, and other forms of cybercrime.

    Web Werks assists you with setting up a fortified system of your digitalized assets and service modules. The Zero Trust mechanism of cybersecurity works through microsegmentation of the network, allowing authorized-only access to data.

    With automation of security, continuous software testing, secure design, and an attack-hardened infrastructure, secure your organization not only against cyberattacks but also from data loss and damage occurring due to unforeseen events.

The Web Werks VMX Advantage

Web Werks helps you smoothen your internal IT operations with modern technological solutions that span end-to-end.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Transform Within Budget

    Web Werks guides your organization into scalable digitalization and virtualization within your financial boundaries.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Pro-Cloud Contemporary Setup

    We help you become cloud-native with a hyperconverged infrastructure designed to fit your specific scaling needs as and when needed.

  • self-service-IaaS
    One Source of Truth

    Command all your applications across all clouds on a single Web Werks platform, be it your ERPs, databases, automation, or CRMs.

  • self-service-IaaS

    The Web Werks platform runs complex, full-stack algorithms in the background to allow for a simple, one-click interface at the front end.

  • self-service-IaaS
    Scale As You Please

    Modular components of the solution allow for a selection-based configuration of functionalities and tools to help you pace your scale.

  • self-service-IaaS
    No Disruptions

    With Web Werks, upgrade and update your systems with no disruptions or downtime, and according to your budget.

  • de-silo-system
    Run Preferred Hypervisors

    Web Werks provides virtualization solutions to simplify the datacenter stacks - on hypervisors of your choice.

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Fulfill all your modern IT infrastructure requirements with Web Werks VMX Enterprise Cloud solutions. We are among the leading providers of data center services in the world, with innovation and security at the core of all operations that help you transform your business.

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