Connected Bare Metals

Connected Bare Metal

Embrace the Leap of Innovation with Bare Metals

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  • Modern businesses wish to embrace the power of innovation and advancement of modern-day cloud, but none of them is prepared to upgrade their legacy applications. The high costs, risks, and complexity of cloud migration are often the biggest pain point for businesses at this point. This is where Connected Bare Metals prove their true potential- performing the migration of applications that have been hindering cloud adoption.

Exceptional Ease-Of-Use and Reliability Backed by Limitless Scalability

  • Build a secure infrastructure and experience great value-for-money with Web Werks VMX connected bare metal cloud. Sufficient storage space, unlimited traffic, additional storage, and optimum anti-DDoS technology to ensure utmost security from sophisticated attacks is what we assure for your modern or traditional business at all times.

    • Network dense ecosystem

    • Unlimited software customization

    • PCI-DSS/ HIPAA certified infrastructure

    • Super-fast & hassle-free bare metal to hyperconverged production

    • Bandwidth & unlimited traffic

    • Additional storage for backups

    • DDoS protection

    • Scalability, integration & automation

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Bootstrap, Deploy, and Configure Bare Metal Cluster In No Time

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  • Web Werks VMX has got advanced tools that enable you to bootstrap, deploy and configure bare metal clusters from scratch in a hyperconvergence infrastructure. The multicast Domain Name System (mDNS) further detects the nodes and a cluster is formed with the selected nodes. Our connected bare metal solutions ensure a secure environment businesses get to run their specialized workloads on high-performance, bare-metal servers.

Advanced Automation Tools for the State-of-the-art Infrastructure

  • Our connected bare metal solutions are equipped with automation tools that assist businesses to onboard their environment swiftly— provisioning the relational databases, applications, configuring operating systems while setting up services like monitoring, backups, and so on. Gain the access to run latency-sensitive and great performance directly on dedicated server hardware similar to on-premises.

    • Get full control over the entire cloud stack

    • Managed in secure virtual cloud network (VCN)

    • Perfect for high-performance computing with utmost scalability

    • Isolated network virtualization & secure cloud infrastructure

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